Frequently asked questions

What is a Risk Assessor partner?
A Risk Assessor partner is a safety professional or safety consultancy that promotes our safety software. A partner will benefit from commission for validated paying customers referred to us. A partner will also benefit from exclusive resources such as assets and training material from us.
What is the Risk Assessor partnership program?
In short, the Risk Assessor partnership program is for safety professionals and safety consultancies that want to add value to their existing services by offering and promoting our safety software.
How does the Risk Assessor partnership program work?
Our partnership program empowers safety professionals and consultancies to offer and promote our safety software in return for commission.

For each new paying customer (must be a validated annual online subscription) that a partner refers to us via their unique referral link they will earn 30% of the transaction in commission. This is a recurring lifetime fee, therefore, if the customer renews each year, then additional commission will be paid to the partner.
How do I become a partner?
You simply need to apply to join the program here. Once accepted, you’ll have access to your own partner dashboard whereby you can access assets, your tracking link, and key referral statistics.
What organisations or individuals are best suited to become a partner?
As we offer safety software, we believe that safety professionals, safety organisations and safety consultancies are best placed to promote Risk Assessor and become a partner. We feel that their knowledge and expertise would be advantageous and of course, complement the partners existing services.
How will I get paid?
Commission will be paid typically within five business days for all validated conversions.

Commission will be paid via PayPal or via BACS, and in your local currency using the exchange rate at the time of payout.

Please note we may require you to raise an invoice for the commission to be paid out and processed for our records.

Remember, this is recurring commission, as you will earn 30% of the customers’ lifetime value, therefore, if they subscribe for additional years’ you’ll be paid out again.
What is an affiliate link or tracking link?
An affiliate link often also commonly referred to as a tracking link, is a unique URL which partners should use to refer new customers to Risk Assessor.

Each partner will receive a unique link upon joining the program, this link will connect and attribute any online conversions to your partner account.
I'm not in the UK can I join the program?
Yes. While we may be based in the UK are safety software is adopted globally by organisations big and small. Therefore, we welcome partner applications from anywhere in the world.
What information will I be able to track about my affiliated clients?
You can track who your affiliated clients are, along with the total revenue generated by each affiliated client.
Will I be able to track my progress and get statistics?
Yes. You will be able to track clicks, and if you’re using our assets then you’ll also be able to see impressions (the number of times your assets were seen).

Of course, you’ll be able to see all pending and approved conversions, along with the estimated payout (commission) value.

On top of this, you’ll also have access to a geo distribution report, which will highlight where in the world you are getting clicks and impressions from.
Will I get resources to help me promote Risk Assessor?
We’ve created a comprehensive range of easy to follow marketing video tutorials covering all aspects of marketing and promoting Risk Assessor to your audience.

On top of this, we also provide a wide variety of assets for you to use on your website, blog, social media channels, or even within email signatures with ease.
Is the amount that I can earn capped?
No. Your earning potential is uncapped, after all, if you’re earning commission and successful then so are we.
How much can I earn?
Your earning potential is uncapped. As a partner you’ll earn 30% of the annual subscription value for successful validated referrals.

As a partner you will also benefit from any future annual renewals made by the customer, therefore, should they renew 12-months down the line, then you’ll again earn 30% of the renewal fee.
How do you track and attribute conversions?
We use Tapfiliate, which is an independent third-party cloud based software for managing our partnership program and subsequently tracking and recording conversions.
Is your partner dashboard available in multiple languages?
Yes, at the moment it’s available in the following languages;
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • (Brazilian) Portuguese
I do business in multiple countries, do I need to sign-up multiple times?
No. Once you are approved on to our partner program then you’ll only ever need one account, which keeps things simple. You’ll of course subject to terms be free to promote Risk Assessor anywhere in the world and earn commission globally.
Why would I not be paid commission?
This would be highly unusual; please rest assured that we would investigate any payment disputes that you may have. However, below are just some reasons why you may not have been paid;
  • You’ve referred an existing customer, and they’ve opened a new account
  • Your tracking link was not used, and there is no way of attributing this to you
  • Your customer has subscribed to a pay monthly plan (we only payout for annual plans)
  • Your customer has subscribed via our app; unfortunately only online annual subscriptions via riskassessor.net are eligible for payouts
  • We’ve detected fraud or suspicious activity on your account
This is not an exhaustive list. If a dispute does arise, then please do always contact partner support as soon as possible.
How do I contact partner support?
Your best bet would be to contact Craig, who is Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Risk Assessor. You’ll be able to reach him on 01480 492 183 or by emailing craig@riskassessor.net.

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