Generate Revenue with our Powerful Safety Software

As the name suggests Risk Assessor originated as an app aiding businesses with the creation and management of risk assessments. Weʼve worked closely with Safety professionals over the years and developed our solution into software suite, covering:

Risk Assessor is used globally by many different industries within small, medium and large businesses. Our success stems from our user interface and our products ease of use. These strengths also go hand-in-hand with the detail & flexibility available across our suite.

This is your opportunity to add value to your existing business, not just with additional revenue, but with efficiency in safety. Youʼll be able to work with your clients on content, while allowing them easy access to everything produced.



Add Value to your Business… Generate Revenue!

We have a product available for any type of business - weʼre now ready to scale and the best way of doing that is product awareness. We could employ a sales team and go for a hard sell telesales approach but we prefer our software to be recommended by qualified professionals who are already established in the industry and trusted by their client base.
Risk Assessor will compliment your existing services and the Free trial provides an opportunity for your customers to see the value with zero commitment!

For this partnership to be a success it has to work for everybody, which is why weʼre offering 30% of all net revenue from any online annual subscriptions.
This is ongoing, so as long as the customer stays subscribed, our partners will keep getting paid. The same applies for any additional user added. For example, each additional user is charged at £2.99 per month. Our partners would receive a third of that.



How many customers
do you have ?

How many people on average
carry out assessments for them?

Your Estimated Annual Commission


Calculations based on net revenue*



How to Market Risk Assessor

Offering Risk Assessor to you existing customers is simple (in person, email or website) but why stop there! Promoting Risk Assessor to new customers will also enable you to up sell your existing services.

What you can use for Marketing…

  • Websites
  • E- Learning & Demoʼs
  • Emails
  • Social Media
  • Vlog, Blog & Podcast
  • Youtube

With our predesigned library of digital assets weʼve made it easy for you to promote Risk Assessor. Each asset will be preloaded with some code linking the click back to your company - so weʼll know where each registration or subscription came from.

While its going to be extremely easy to place our banners and copy on your site, social media or email - donʼt forget our biggest asset is you! Recording your own screen shared vlog, tutorial or demo video, you can really engage with potential and existing customers - not just for Risk Assessor, but your own services.

Weʼve put together a simple guide to help you market Risk Assessor to itʼs full potential.

Resources & Assets

Get started with the Digital Assets…

We use Tapfilliate (Cloud based Partnership tracking software) to manage and distribute all of our digital assets. Weʼve categorised everything to make it easy to access banners - within a couple of clicks you can even share them across your social media channels.

Weʼve tried to cover everything within our Asset Library although we can also offer custom content on request. Weʼre also available for any sales or support enquiries you or your customers have.


Track Your Progress

Itʼs easy with your own online dashboard…

The best way to achieve success with our plan is to maximise the exposure of our software. Use all the adverts you can, in as many mediums as possible. Login to your dashboard to see whatʼs working and whatʼs not. View real-time stats on impressions, registrations and subscriptions.

At the end of each month you can export a report for sales generated, both new and recurring. Simply send us an invoice and weʼll have you paid up within 30 days.


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